Exploring the rainforest and the Amazon River

Core Themes

The Greatest Rivers of the World:
Our trip down the Amazon river started at its source, in the Andes Mountains of Peru (pictured in chalk above) and flowing through the Rainforests of Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. The tributaries flow from nearby countries on the continent, Ecuador, Columbia and Bolivia. The second longest River in the world (second to our river from week 4) the Amazon also supports a variety of animal life, in the river and on the shore.

Animal Adaptations

We learned about Piranha’s, “the small fish with a big appetite” remembers one of the PAST&E Scholar Athletes, “and they’re lucky that there’s plenty to eat in the Amazon!”

Another animal is the Pink Dolphin, also called the Amazon River Dolphin. Maybe you could say this is a very shy animal, because their coloring actually changes depending on how they feel! Instead of having thick blue/grey skin like an Ocean dolphin, their skin has blood vessels close to the surface that they use to help regulate their temperature. So depending on the day they may look white-ish, or pinkish! They also use eco-location to find their prey, a big advantage in murky river water!

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The animals of the Amazon Rainforest have many advantages, like blending in to their surroundings! We teamed up to do projects where one partner drew an animal and the other camouflaged it with it's background!

Summer Long Projects

The Ecosystem Project
Our closed ecosystems took off! Growing long green grass!

We mastered the 13 countries of South America!

One of our most popular activities at PAST&E are our fitness dances! We have gotten off to a fun start, practicing our many dances and teaching them to new students and coaches at PAST&E. Every once in a while we do a "Dance-Off" so we can really see how well we really know each dance. One day, we selected 3 girls and 3 boys to Dance-Off and they were cheered on by their teammates! What a fun way to bring the scholar athletes together and get some exercise! The participants got every move, had lots of energy and even sang a few lines so the Dance-Off was a tie!